Sperm: A Male Reproductive Cell

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10Sep, 2020
Proper fertility of the sperms is the one thing that everyone’s desire in their sex life. Infertility of the sperm causes many problems at a personal level. There are many…

Sperm: A Male Reproductive Cell

Proper fertility of the sperms is the one thing that everyone’s desire in their sex life. Infertility of the sperm causes many problems at a personal level. There are many solutions available to increase sperm count and increase the motility of each sperm and maintain its proper shape, structure, and size.



Sperm is a reproductive part of the male, which later on fuses with a female reproductive part known as ova (egg) in the ovary, which results in giving birth to the baby. Sperm has two parts present in it known as the head, the midsection, and tail. Head is the main part of the sperm, which is responsible for carrying the nucleus and penetrating the female ovum to get fuse with the eggs. The midsection is the energy source known as mitochondria, which are responsible for providing energy to the sperm for swimming in the vagina. The tail is mainly responsible for the motility. Sperm with a long tail aids in swimming during the entry into the vagina and move to the ovary to penetrate it as to get fuse with the eggs. Each reproductive cell-like sperm, as well as egg, contains 23 chromosomes which further combines resulting in embryo formation with the 46 chromosomes.


How sperm are produced

The reproductive organ of males that is testicles is responsible for the formation of sperm. Along with producing sperms, testicles also produce sex hormones known as testosterone. Inside the testicles, seminiferous tubule is responsible for creating sperm cells and this process is known as spermatogenesis. Sperm cells are known as spermatocytes. Around seventy-three million sperm per milliliter is ejaculated at one time. The life span of sperms inside the vagina is over 5 days.


Reason of male infertility

Male infertility is a case in which man faces some issues by which her female partner faces difficulty in getting pregnant. These problems can arise due to the following reasons

  • Sperm Count: Sperm count is one of the main reasons for male infertility. In this, the number of sperms per ejaculation gets fewer, which is caused by taking drugs or other alcoholic beverages.

  • The problem in delivering the sperm: There are many problems related to sexual life like premature ejaculation. This genetic disease can cause blockage in the free production and ejaculation of sperm.

  • Sperm motility: The low mobility of sperm can also cause the infertility case if the sperms are not able to swim properly in the vagina to reach the ovary.

  • Medication: There are certain medications by which a man can experience less sperm production along with poor function and delivery of the sperm.



Sperm is the reproductive cell of the male reproductive organs that take formation inside the testicles. Sperms get ejaculated in the vagina, and it swims as to penetrates the ovary causing fusion with the egg and forming an embryo of 46 chromosomes. Diabetes and other similar problems can also cause the abnormal production of sperm. Sperm count, sperm motility is also the cause of male infertility.


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